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1. What is PICO-SALAX® and what is it used for?

PICO-SALAX® is a white powder. It is a very strong purgative (i.e. to empty bowels). PICO-SALAX® is used to cleanse the bowel of faecal matter and secretions prior to x-ray examination, endoscopy or surgery. This product is not intended to be used as a regular laxative.

2. What are the active ingredients in PICO-SALAX®?

Each sachet contains the following active ingredients:

Sodium Picosulfate
Magnesium Oxide
Citric Acid


10.0 milligrams
3.5 grams
12.0 grams

3. How do I take PICO-SALAX®?

See Patient Instructions.
NOTE: The instructions provided by your doctor can vary from the package insert, most notably in terms of timing of sachets. Please follow your doctor’s instructions.

4. Can PICO-SALAX® be mixed with liquids other than water?

No. There is only data available to support mixing with water only.

5. Can PICO-SALAX® be mixed ahead of time?

No, each sachet of PICO-SALAX® should only be mixed just before use.

6. Can PICO-SALAX® be taken with food?

For best results, it is recommended that patients only drink clear fluids on the day that they start taking PICO-SALAX®. Clear fluids may include water, clear power drinks, apple juice, white (not red) cranberry juice, white (not purple) grape juice, ginger ale, broth, tea or coffee (sweetened to taste, no milk, cream or soy). See also Patient Instructions.

7. Can PICO-SALAX® be taken in combination with other medication?

As per the Patient Instructions, please advise your doctor if you are taking:

1. Aspirin® (ASA), or medications containing ASA
2. Blood thinners such as Coumadin® (warfarin)
3. Iron pills or a multivitamin containing iron
4. Ticlid® (ticlopidine), or Plavix® (clopidogrel)
5. Diabetic medications
6. Usual pills

See also Product Information (Taking Other Medicines).

8. Does PICO-SALAX® contain gluten?

Both PICO-SALAX® natural orange and synthetic cranberry flavours do not contain gluten.

9. Does PICO-SALAX® contain lactose?

PICO-SALAX® synthetic cranberry flavour does not contain lactose, but PICO-SALAX® natural orange flavour does contain lactose.

10. Does PICO-SALAX® contain artificial sweetener and if so, how much?

Yes. Each sachet contains 0.06g of saccharin sodium.

11. What is the source of orange flavour?

PICO-SALAX® contains natural orange flavour.

12. What is the source of cranberry flavour?

PICO-SALAX® contains synthetic cranberry flavor.

13. How does PICO-SALAX® look, smell and taste when mixed?

PICO-SALAX® is a milky, cloudy, white suspension that tastes and smells of orange or cranberry.

14. When should PICO-SALAX® start working (onset of action)?

In general, you should expect loose bowel movements to start at any time (on average 3-4 hours) after taking a dose of PICO-SALAX®. Please ensure that you have access to a toilet at all times following each dose, until the effects wear off.

15. How long has PICO-SALAX® been available?

PICO-SALAX® was first marketed in Canada in November 2004. It was introduced in the UK in December 1980.

16. What is the recommended dosing in children?

PICO-SALAX® can be used in children 1 year old and over. FOR CHILDREN'S DOSE: Please mix entire sachet in 150 mL of cold water and then give either ¼, ½ or entire sachet volume (150 mL) depending on age (follow your physician’s directions) for the first dose. If dose is less than 150 mL, please discard remaining PICO-SALAX® mixture (mix a fresh sachet if a second dose is required). Repeat these instructions for second dose.

17. Is PICO-SALAX® safe in pregnancy?

If you are pregnant or are breast feeding, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking PICO-SALAX®.

18. Can PICO-SALAX® be used if frozen?

PICO-SALAX® is recommended to be stored at room temperature (15°C to 25°C).